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Blinder M45 X-Treme Laser Jammer

Blinder xtreme laser jammer  Includes 4 Laser Transceivers.

Blinder Introduces the Next Generations
of Laser Defense System.

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The Blinder X-Treme Series™ is the World's Most Advanced Laser Jamming Technology.

Blinder's Infrared Pulses are Arguably the Strongest Available Anywhere for Non-Military Product Technology. You Get a Laser-Jamming Shield in Front of the Car that Prevents All Possibilities to Measure the Car's Speed.

Simply install and forget about the laser ticket all together.

Sale! $679.95 (original MSRP is $649.95)

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"The BLINDER is the Most Effective Laser Countermeasure Ever Evaluated By Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. Without Question the BLINDER X-TREME was Completely Effective in Jamming All Laser Guns Under All Circumstances."

Scandinavian Quality:

BLINDER INTERNATIONAL is the Market Leader in Protection Against Police Laser Traps Worldwide. All BLINDER Products are Manufactured in Scandinavia Under Strict Quality Control. Every Laser-Jammer is Carefully Controlled and Tested Before Packing.

The Blinder M45™

Is Designed for Total 360 Protection (Front and Rear) Or for Use on Large Trucks, SUV's and RV's. Includes 4 Laser Transceivers.

The BLINDER X-TREME Laser-Jammer Recognizes and
Jams all Laser Guns Worldwide! It's that Simple.

The Objective that has Been Achieved with the New Blinder X-Treme Series™ is a Laser Defense System THAT:

Performs Extremely well Regardless of the Climate (extreme hot or cold temperature, extreme sunshine or in the darkness)
Detects and Jams All Types of Speed Laser Traps Used All Over the World Today.
Detects and Jams at All Distances in All Circumstances.
Only Responds to Actual Speed Laser Traps

All X-Treme Models Come with Cabin Interface For:

Connection of Up to 4 Laser Transceivers with:
Output to Car Stereo, Telephone
Output to Light Indicator (Green) for Power on and (Flashing Red) for Laser Alert.
Output to Audio Laser Alert 95db
Output to On / Off Switch
X-treme Laser Transceiver Specifications:
Coated Aluminum Housing with Integrated Laser Detector / Jamming
All Electronics Concealed by Epoxy
Smart New Snap-Lock for Easy Replacement of Lenses.
Single Cable Connector for Easy Plug-In to Cabin Interface.
Transmitter Type: Infrared Special Manufactured Jamming Diodes.
Detector Type: IR Special Manufactured Photo Diode with Amplifier
Microprocessor with Patented Stealth Jamming Technology.

New Features:

APS-Automatic Pulse Selection
LWS- Laser Warning System

Ticket Rebate Program

Blinder is so confident in the new Blinder X-Treme that they will reimburse you if you get a speeding ticket for a full 3 years.

· You must send a copy of your ticket along with receipt of payment
· Upon approval, BLINDER USA will then reimburse you
the FULL amount of your speeding ticket
· BLINDER USA does not cover any attorney, court or driving school fees
· BLINDER USA will not be held responsible for points on your driving record

Blinder will not reimburse you under the following conditions

· If you were speeding in a school zone
· If you were under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs that could affect your driving
· If you were driving over 25 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit
· If another person was driving, other then the name on the BLINDER registration card.
· BLINDER USA will only pay of the tickets in the USA
· BLINDER USA will only pay for tickets given by laser guns
· BLINDER USA will only pay for tickets for one year after date of purchase.

The Blinder X-treme series requires custom installation and can be performed at most all car stereo shops.


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