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New RMR-C450
Rocky Mountain Radar Detector RMR-C450

Long Range Radar/Laser Detector
Long Range Radar/Laser Scrambler

INTELLI-VOICE (Bi-Lingual Voice Alert)
New Micro Scan technology™
New Smart Scan Technology™
New Adaptive ))) ((( Laser Tracking Systemä

This is the complete unit - Scrambler and Detector all in one!!

SALE ! $299.95  2 Days Only!

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      After Months of anticipation and it’s unveiling at the Worlds electronics show in Las Vegas. Rocky Mountain Radar has finally released its crown Jewel. Combining Micro Scan, Smart Scan, New Adaptive Laser Tracking System and the awesome new Intelli- Voice Bi-lingual Voice Alert System it is Simply Billed as the “Super Detector”. There is Not a Better Radar Detector/Scrambler Made. Why in the world would you buy just a radar detector? When you can get a radar detector with a built in Scrambler that works so well that if you get a ticket they will pay your fine? All that and for less money and a longer warranty. It's all right here in front of you, now throw in no tax, and free 2 day shipping. It's a no brainer.

The RMR-C450 has incredible range for both detection and jamming, the best we have ever seen. Rocky Mountain has pulled out all the stops and for the first time has taken their famous radar & laser scrambling technology and integrated it with a whole host of their trademark advancements. Never before has the industry taken this size of leap in technological achievements the RMR-C450 finally gives you a radar laser detector so advanced it doesn't need a scrambler, it’s just nice knowing it there . This is a long-range radar/laser detector with long-range radar/laser scrambling to truly make you invisible to police radar and laser. As with all of Rocky Mountain Radar's radar and laser scramblers there is a full 1 year ticket rebate. If you get a ticket using this product or any of their scramblers with-in the first year they (rocky mountain radar) will pay you fine. (certain restrictions do apply please see ticket rebate page for details)


  • New Intelli-Voiceä (Bi-Lingual Voice Alert System)
  • New Micro Scan technology™ (for faster detection of new pop radar)
  • New Smart Scan Technology™ (decreases amount of false signal warnings)
  • New Adaptive ))) ((( Laser Tracking Systemä Faster acquisition of Laser Radar
  • 360° Radar & Laser Detection
  • Scrambles & Detects all Radar Bands ( X, , K, KA Superwide, Pulse, Instant-On, Photo & New Pop)
  • Scrambles & Detects all Laser (LTI 2020, Laser-Lite, pro-laser)
  • Full Featured Forward 180° Radar and Laser Scrambler.
  • Intergrated Rear Antenna (Maximum Range From the Rear)
  • World's only All Band Scrambler/Detector
  • Detects Safety Alert (SA) and Safety Warning System (SWS)
  • Totally Undetectable to VG-2 & VG-3 Systems (radar detector/detector)
  • Dual diagnostic systems to confirm reliable operation.
  • City/Highway, Mute, Dim & Signal Strength meter
  • Selectable Scrambler On/Off
  • Full visual and audio 360° Radar and Laser Detector.
  • Selectable Tone Alerts, Last Setting Memory
  • Covers all radar bands the FCC allows the Police to use (7GHz - 38GHz)
  • Industry BEST Full 3 Year Warranty
  • Complete 1 Year Ticket Rebate* (certain restrictions do apply)
  • Effective range is unmatched at approx. 5 miles.
  • Windshield Mounting Bracket & 12V Power Cord Included
  • Dimensions: (1.3” H x 3” W x 4.5” D)
  • This is 100% FCC Legal & Compliant

Let's see what the real experts are saying:

"From the body of test data taken during the road tests of Feb. 8, 1994, it is clear that use of these passive Scramblers does reduce the range at which police radar units can acquire and/or maintain lock (give consistent and accurate speed values of the vehicle) and that this jamming effectiveness can be measured."
R.R.D., PhD-University of Denver.

"Conclusions of laboratory tests is the Scrambler will indeed jam police trafic radars at long range, allowing speeding drivers with radar detectors time to slow down before their speed can be detected."
J.S.H. - University of Northern Florida

at a distance, the Scramblers will have an effect on radar verification of target speed, however, within 100 feet lock on was sucessful."
State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Rocky Mountain Radar’s New RMR-C450 is a full-featured radar and laser detector combined with active laser and passive radar scrambling capabilities.

The radar jamming circuit mixes a Doppler FM chirp with the incoming police radar signal and reflects it back to the radar gun. The computer in the radar gun must receive eight identical, consecutive reading before it will display your speed. All the different speeds contained in the FM chirp confuse the computer in the radar gun so it does not display any speed. This effect duplicates the normal operation that the officer usually sees.

Since it is normal to occasionally lose the target speed, the officer is not suspicious. Reasonable care should be used as flagrant violators could still be caught with an estimated speed.

Lidar sends out laser pulses and measures how long it takes to hit your car and come back. From the speed of light it can determine your range. It sends out several more pulses and calculates your speed from the change in distance over time. The Rocky Mountain Radar scramblers only allow the lidar to see up to 100 feet so it is unable to calculate your speed.
So in effect making your car totally in visible to all police tactics.

Please see our FAQ's page to answer many of your questions.

You Can't Catch What You Can't See!
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Important information:

Rocky Mountain Radar does not condone the use of excessive speed on the highways, nor does it endorse breaking the speed limit laws of the United States of America. Please drive safely when using this or any other electronic product in your car.

Toll Free 1-800-749-9903

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