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Radar Jammer Ticket Rebate Program
The "Ticket Rebate" program pays all speeding tickets for one year!

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Conditions of Ticket Rebate Program:

1) The ticket must clearly state "RADAR" or "LASER" and "Speeding"

2) Registered owner of a radar and laser jamming product does not exceed 15 MPH over the speed limit or 30% over the posted speed limit whichever is lower.

3) Registration form must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

4) Rebate Valid only in the USA.

5) Registered owner must be the driver of the vehicle when the ticket is issued 6)Registered owner is qualified for this program for one full year from date of purchase.

7) Does NOT APPLY where DWI or DUI is involved or in school or construction zones.

8) This rebate is not available in California.

NOTE: The manufacturer and its distributors of the Phantom and Phazer radar jammers do not advocate speeding. Police can and will stop you if they think you are exceeding the speed limit. If used discreetly, the Phantom and Phazer radar jammers can and will provide you, the driver, with that additional time needed to adjust your speed to help prevent tickets.

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